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Fic: Uncharted Territories, NC-17, McCoy/Chapel, Chapter Fifteen

Title: Uncharted Territories
Rating: NC-17
Author: fringedweller

Pairing: McCoy/Chapel
Beta: The amazing seren_ccd
Warnings: Sex and violence, but only for the deserving.
Word Count: 50000
Disclaimer: Nothing recognisable is mine, and trust me, I'm making nothing from this!
Notes: Written for het_bigbang.

The door to the secret facility was found about ten minutes after the Romulans stopped firing their shipboard weapons at the plant. Christine had just finished uploading the data from the chip in her bra to the message she had recorded when a huge explosion rocked through the room, sending her crashing to the floor.

“What was that?” one of the scientists yelled.

“Romulans,” Christine said shortly. She hit the repeat command, and then the send button. The computer reported that the message had been sent and relayed to the furthest communications buoy, and she just hoped that somebody very well armed heard it and came to the rescue.

“What do we do?” another scientist said, fiddling with a small package that she pulled from her trouser pocket.

“We try and hold them off long enough for help to get here,” Christine said determinedly. “Where’s your weapons cache?”

“I’ll get it,” the third scientist said. He also seemed to be holding a small packet. He came back a moment later with a large metal case.

“With me,” Christine ordered, and they obediently followed her down the corridor to the room housing the scared civilians.

“It’s Christine Chapel,” she called as a precaution. “I’m coming in.”

“It’s clear,” somebody called back, and the door opened. She and the scientists hustled through, carrying the large metal case.

“Everybody alright?” Christine asked, looking around the room. The explosions had made the children cry, and they were being comforted as best they could by their parents. The others had made a makeshift barricade of whatever furniture had been in the room – metal cupboards, chairs, tables, anything they could lay their hands on.

“Okay for now,” one of the men said grimly. “But that last explosion was very close.”

“They’re not through yet, but they will be on the next try,” Christine said, opening her own weapons case and the larger one belonging to the facility. “Everyone should be armed. I’m going back out there to lay a few traps for anybody coming down the corridor. When I come back, I’ll use a codeword. If I don’t say the word, you don’t let me in, you understand?”

“Got it,” the man said grimly. “What’s the word?”

“Screwdriver,” Christine said after a pause, remembering her first ever test scenario for Section 31.

“Right,” the man agreed. “Screwdriver.”

Christine took the combined stock of pressure mines and the roll of thin and hard-to-spot trip wire as well as the smoke grenades. She went out of the room and back up to the main door to the facility, which was buckled and dented but had not yet given way. Moving quickly but carefully, Christine set a series of trip wires and pressure mines along the corridor. Setting off the mines would bring the ceiling down in the corridor, but she had spotted a very sturdy pair of blast doors that she could use to block the side corridor with the civilians in from any explosions. Clearly, this sort of scenario had been planned by somebody.

She could hear harsh language coming from the corridor, so she worked as quickly as she could. Just before she stepped through the blast doors and sealed them, she set off as many smoke grenades as she could, completely disguising all of her improvised booby traps.

“Screwdriver,” she said, banging on the door to the safe room. Once the doors had opened and shut, she set about fusing the lock to the door.

“Why are you doing that?” one of the scientists demanded.

“One more obstacle between us and the enemy,” she said, remembering a particularly hardened tutor from Section 31. He had drummed it into her head that anything that could slow a pursuer down was worth doing, no matter how seemingly simple.

“They’ll just blow the door straight through,” said the female scientist bitterly. She was still handling the small packet.

“Shut up,” Christine said, turning on her dangerously. “You never know what’s going to happen. Negative thinking won’t get us anywhere.”

“We’re all going to die,” said another, with the same packet in his hands.

“If you don’t stop being so fucking defeatist, I’ll shoot you myself and use your body to barricade the door,” she warned him.

“What’s the situation out there?” asked one of the parents, the mother of the youngest child.

“The main doors are still holding,” Christine reported, “Although I did hear voices in the corridor. I’ve laid down pressure mines and trip wires throughout the main corridor down, and set off smoke grenades so they won’t see where they’re going. I’ve sealed the blast doors, and they looked stronger than the main doors.”

“Did you send a distress call?” asked the mother of Emma, the five year old.

“I did,” she assured her. “It’s gone to the furthest communications buoy. Somebody will hear it.”

“If they get here in time,” she heard the man behind her mutter.

“That’s it,” she said, adjusting her phaser to the stun setting. “You were warned.”

“Don’t shoot!” he said, flinging his hands in the air. The packet he’d been holding fell at her feet, and she picked it up.

“What is this?” she asked, looking at it carefully. “Is it some kind of drug?”

The scientists looked at each other, before the woman spoke.

“It’s a suicide pill,” she said heavily. “We were given them in case something like this happens.”

“You won’t need it,” Christine said, tossing it back to the man.

“That’s alright for you to say,” he snorted. “You agents have got that chip, haven’t you?”

“What chip?” she said, confused.

“The tracking chip,” the woman said. “The one that Section 31 uses to monitor you? Once they know the Romulans are here they’ll activate your tracking chip. Once they see your body reacting to torture, they’ll just shut you down remotely.”

“They what?” Christine asked, shocked, but any further communication was halted by the sound of the first door being breached and the first pressure mine being activated.
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